A government official conducting OPLAN TAOB in Leona Hill, Baguio City on Thursday, May 23, 2024. Photo from the Environmental Health and Sanitation Division of the Baguio City Health Services Office. The DENGUERRA activities continue in response to the rising cases of the Dengue virus within Baguio City. On May 9, 2024, Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued a memorandum reviving the Denguerra activities within Baguio City. All sectors of Baguio are required to participate in these activities to proactively mitigate the cases of Dengue within the city.

According to the BCHSO, there is a 23% spike in Dengue cases this year compared to last year. Although this is well below the alert threshold, Mayor Magalong issued a memorandum preventing the escalation of Dengue cases in
Baguio City to keep the spread of the disease under control. The Denguerra activities require local government
officials to perform specific tasks, targeting the areas within their respective sectors, that can be potential breeding
grounds for mosquitoes and their larvae.

These tasks include community wide search and destruction of mosquito breeding sites, OPLAN TAOB and distribution of information, education and communication materials.  The officials are required to submit weekly reports to the Environmental Health and Sanitation Division of the BCHSO for monitoring. The Di vision emphasizes the importance of community cooperation and encourages the local government officials to follow the guidelines and dates set in the memorandum.

Vannah Carlos / UC-Intern

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