Manila, Philippines

In an unparalleled collaboration, the Science and Technology Information Institute (DOSTSTII), Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. (Converge), and Pacific Kabelnet (PKN) Group announce a strategic
collaboration to make DOSTv programs widely accessible separately via Converge’s forthcoming free streaming service and through PKN Group’s notable services, Vision and Fiber TV, in Metro
Manila and across other regions in the country.

DOST Secretary Renato U. Solidum Jr. articulated his confidence in the partnership as one of the department’s milestones in taking the extra mile in promoting science, technology, and innovation in the country. “To Converge and PKN Group, thank you very much for helping us spread the good news, for collaborating with us under one mission and one goal of building a culture of science, technology, and innovation – a vision that is deeply rooted in our shared commitment to push for socioeconomic development for the benefit of our people and for our country.”

For his part, Director Richard P. Burgos of the DOSTSTII expressed his excitement in the newfound partnership with Converge and PKN, always believing that science communication will benefit more from the use of digital technology where the Filipinos will reap the benefits. “We hope that every day it’s the Filipino people who will benefit, as they learn more from science and technology,” Director Burgos said. “With Converge and the PKN Group, we are poised to further our commitment to bring science closer to the people.”

DOST-STII will be launching four of its programs targeted towards a wide range of viewing demographics to create a culture of science within the Philippine population. The department
aims to educate and raise awareness about science and technology (S&T) through its Video on Demand (VOD) streaming cooperation with Converge and the services of the PKN Group. To be part of the offering to the viewing public are the flagship programs of the DOSTSTII that make science stories more popular and relatable.

One program is “Siyensikat: Pinoy Popular Science Para sa Lahat” which is a 30-minute science telemagazine show that highlights the fulfillment of aspirations and gratitude from ordinary people seeking science and technology solutions. Seeking to expand its audience and encourage viewers to see S&T as an aspirational career, the “ExperTalk” show is another 30-minute science program that features interviews and engagement with Filipino scientists and science and
technology experts that chronicle their personal experiences as scientists and their contributions to the field of S&T that offer solution to everyday problems of the people.

To further show the benefits of science and technology in the lives of the Filipino people, a minidocumentary show called “Sinesiyensya” will feature real-life stories of Filipinos whose dreams and perseverance paid off with the help of science, technology, and innovation. Likewise, to capture the interest and entertain the young and young-at-heart audiences, “Animagham” will feature short, animated clips intended to make science attractive, educational, informative, and entertaining. Converge CEO and CoFounder, Dennis Anthony H. Uy, said, “Technology has the
power to reshape societies.

We are glad that we can be used as an avenue for learning and development, especially of younger viewers. As I’ve always said, there is no lack of talent among Filipinos. We’re very gifted in Science and Technology, but we just need the proper ecosystem to develop science-minded individuals. Programs such as DOSTv are one concrete way of creating this ecosystem.” Converge has been making a major play in promoting digital democracy in the Philippines through streaming and VOD.

Last month, the ICT company announced its collaboration with TapDMV by launching
BlastTV, a complimentary streaming value-added service for its subscribers under the first in the market “Watch Now, Pay Zero” initiative. Atty. Frank Abalos, CEO of the PKN Group, added, “This collaboration enriches the offerings for our subscribers, especially in Luzon. With DOSTv’s addition, our audience will enjoy an even broader spectrum of on-demand content.” DOST-STII, Converge, and PKN sealed their tripartite agreement at a signing event at Converge’s head office in Pasig City.

Present at the event are DOST Secretary Dr. Renato U. Solidum Jr., DOST Undersecretary for Scientific and Technical Services Ms. Maridon O. Sahagun, DOSTSTII Director Richard P. Burgos, Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy, and PKN CEO Atty. Frank Abalos. Serving as witnesses to the agreements are Converge Integrated Marketing Senior Manager Vianca Carla Remorozo, Converge Marketing Services Manager Ricardo De Jesus, PKN General Manager Jonathan Ruby, PKN Marketing Manager Adriane Faye San Jose, DOST-STII OICCRPD Rodolfo P. De Guzman, and DOST-STII FAD Chief

Arlene Centeno.

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