Ekam Yoga Studio

Check out the forearm plank variation featured in this yoga strength class at Ekam Yoga Studio. Students are in their forearm planks but a variation is added to make it more challenging. Left foot on top of the right heel and right knee hovers a few inches away from the mat. Not only does this plank variation build strength, but it also gives a good burn to the arms, belly and legs.
Ekam Yoga Studio is also working with the Twisted Chef, the first ever yoga cafe here in Baguio City, located in St. Patrick’s Village, Paterno St. South Drive. This is also the home of the second Ekam Yoga Studio branch. Join and start building your strength today at Ekam Yoga Studio. Main studio is at 17 Bagumbayan St., Salud Mitra near Hotel 45. The second branch is at St. Patrick’s Village, Paterno St. South Drive. For more updates, follow us in our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ekamyogastudiobaguio/ and in Instagram: @EkamYogaStudio or call/text at 0998 886 9948. PR

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