First Take; Product of 2020

Spearheaded by owners of local brands TrggrdCo and Declencheur Asia, another baby brand that is dedicated to creating a movement in Baguio City was born. Despite the travesty that is Covid-19, the brand owners along with a new set of friends, now turned business partners, still made a way to help not only local artists but also entrepreneurs.
First Take, consisting of: Jennzen Estira, Charles Olsem, Millard Gregorio, Serine Doi, Karl Emuang and Mackey Moreno, started their movement by interviewing friends through instagram live.
They talk about social issues, music, art, and other topics that are relevant especially during this crisis. They also created a facebook community where the members could share their ideas and interact with each other. Later on, First Take was discovered by Deejay Creative Works and are now block timers for 98.7 Zradio. Their segment, named after their brand, “First Take” continues to support the growing creative community and promotes small businesses around the city, whilst engaging with the audience through their free flowing talk.
The creative group ends the month of September with an interview by one of the managers of a very famous pinoy rap collective group, Kartellem and starts the month of October with an interview from another rap collective group’s producer, Bawal Clan.
The brand’s line-up is surely going to be the talk of the town so better follow them on all their social media platforms to support and join their movement.
Serine Doi

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