When was the last time you captured moments like setting of the sun, waking up well rested wrapped by the natural coolness of the night, or discovering a place that soothes your heart and find serendipity again? All of a sudden, you experience a totally different stay in a boutique hotel, far from what usually a quaint sized hotel with more than 10 rooms with a comfy style. Pets are
usually not allowed in hotels, but not in this case where a service to accommodate pets is a big yes.

Yes! you read it right, Giraffe Boutique Hotel promotes a Pet-Friendly Hotel thus offering its unique character. Thinking giraffe as the gentlest animal in the jungle this boutique hotel uses the
towering terrestrial mammal epitomize the attitude towards pets that have recently become part of families and part of travel entourages. A pet bed is added as amenity.

In truth, the pets usually sleep with family members on the bed and do not really require additional facilities when they are toilet trained and have gone to behavior school. Rooms are available that
are intended for families or parties with six or more persons with a loft and pullout beds. Guests may use the microwave ovens and basic kitchen cutlery and plates which are available in some rooms to warm food and dine in the room. Some have bars for the basic needs of guests.

There is a vertical fan to augment the overhead fans on the warmer summer days as additions to the Wi-Fi and television in each room. A small private balcony with a table for two complements most rooms. This is so appropriate in Baguio City because of the cool air that one can enjoy while sipping on coffee or wine or for additional ventilation. Smoking is not allowed in this hotel which
would have been perfect in this part. Potted plants enhance the view because it looks out at a wall and a driveway.

In some of the rooms on the third level, you can look down at the lobby and the dining area. While on the second level, a family room of sorts is ready where sofas allow guests to talk or play the piano for some entertainment. A fireplace is lit with wood for the rare experience if warming the
Baguio climes. If not, a bonfire area is located in the lawn that allures chilly nights and small group gatherings. A painting of a life-size giraffe on the landing lies on the stairway that leads to the
rooms with the legs and body on the second floor and the neck and head greeting the ascent to the third floor.

The giraffe icon is also present at the lobby and dining area in bronze statues. Other safari animal accents are used as light fixtures on the wall of the stairwell. A touch of the Cordillera is flashed in the Kalinga tapestry painting right at the entrance of the wrap around skirt elaborated with mother of pearl and bead fringes. Hotel manager Richard Caragdag says paintings on the walls of the rooms are still works in progress. The sight is completed with orchids which are colorful natural decorations here that are so pleasing to the eyes.

Giraffe Boutique Hotel is like a home that welcomes you to one of its family rooms as guest which differs from the formal corporate aesthetics that large hotels use. There are no lifts or elevators here for the physically challenged and the “not so youngs” but the friendlier air coupled with the relaxing ambience will definitely spell your stay. And if you haven’t got the chance to be at an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, everyone is welcome to dine at Mangiamo.

It serves Italian cuisine prepared with Italian ingredients and condiments with local produce. Of course, you have to taste the free coffee from local beans. Hotel Manager Richard says activities are in line just like the recent Halloween Party for pets at the hotel. You, as pet lovers just can’t wait for other occasions that will be designed for both pets and man. Once at Giraffe, make sure to ask someone capture photos of you with your best friend – your pet!



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