Heavily armed men take ex-Abra mayor’s bodyguard

BAGUIO CITY (February 9, 2022)— Heavily armed men took a bodyguard of a former Abra town mayor Tuesday morning and have gone missing, worrying the family of his safety.
Abra police quoting two eyewitnesses said 40-year old Lyndon Bagay Alzate, private security personnel of former Manabo town mayor Darrel Domasing, was on board his motorcycle heading towards barangay Ayyeng proper, Manabo from Sitio Sapdaan proper being tailed by a black pick-up type vehicle without plate number.
When they crossed the bridge at Sitio Sapdaan, the armed men aboard the black pick-up truck overtook and blocked Alzate.  Four armed men then alighted from the pick-up, grabbed the victim while pointing their short and long firearms, and forcibly took him inside their vehicle then sped away heading towards the southwest direction to Luba town.
One of the suspects reportedly took the victim’s motorcycle and followed his companions in the same direction.
The victim’s live-in partner Arlyn Mila Abejon, 37, sought the Manabo police after the two witnesses informed her of the abduction.
The Abra police, which has yet to gather more details about the abduction has launched a thorough probe.
Artemio A. Dumlao

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