BAUANG, La Union

City officials recently commended kagawad Aldrin Chester Q. Dauz of barangay Kabayanihan for his heroic act in saving a drowning child at Gateway Resort, Bauang, La Union. In a resolution, local legislators stated that kagawad
Dauz’s heroic act serves as an inspiration to all which highlights the importance of vigilance and readiness to assist those in need and the importance of being equipped with the knowledge of basic life support and first aid to be able
to respond to emergency situations that present itself anytime.

Dauz, a dedicated kagawad of barangay Kabayanihan, exhibited extraordinary courage and selflessness on April 21,
2024 when he rescued a child from drowning at the Gateway Resort, Bauang, La Union. The council pointed out that his quick thinking and timely decisive action prevented a tragic loss of life and demonstrated the true spirit of compassion and bravery. The young child who was rescued by the said kagawad is a resident of barangay Dontogan, Baguio City who went to the resort with his family to spend a break during the weekend. Copies of the approved
resolution will be transmitted to kagawad Dauz and the Kabayanihan barangay council for their information, guidance, ready reference and further

needed action. By Dexter A. See

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