Justice Leonen warns youth to be critical of information

BAGUIO CITY – Associate Justice Marvic Leonen of the Supreme Court cautions millenials to be vigilant of what they read and share because false news and false truths have a way of circulating quickly especially with the accessibility of social media.
Millenials, also called the net generation, refer to today’s generation or the youth of the 21st century.
Justice Leonen graced the symposium on the Interplay of the Law and the Media & the Exercise of the Freedom of Expression held at the University of the Cordilleras on March 23, 2017.
During the forum Leonen reflected on the historical proclamation of Martial Law and how the media back then was oppressed of their freedom to express.
He says that millenials are fortunate today for not having experienced the grim past and that they are given the gift of democracy and freedom of expression. Leonen iterated a number of times that citizens, especially millenials, must not take this gift for granted.
He advised students to be critical of the information they are reading and sharing in social media, because it can manipulate them into supporting or objecting political decisions. According to him, being critical may be done through considering the content’s intrinsic validity, credibility of source, logic, evidence and the argumentation.
“Being critical requires understanding more than the depths of a 140-character tweet or a hastily written Facebook post. It requires understanding what truth means, what the evidence is, the credibility and degree of knowledge of the author. In fact, identifying the real author and examining the logic of all the statements that are made,” he added. Rozienna G. Rosales, UC Intern

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