Department of Health, Center for Health Development – CAR. with from (L – R) Mr. Alexander P. Baday – Entomologist III, Ms. Geeny Anne I. Austria – Nurse V, DOH-CAR, Dr. Rio L. Magpantay – Regional Director DOH-CAR, Ms. Karen B. Lonogan – Nurse V, DOH-CAR, and Mr. Jethro William L. Simeon – Senior Heath Program Officer. Updates on Fireworks – Related Injury (FWRI), Influenza – Like Illnesses (ILI), on COVID-19 Status in the Region, COVID-19 Vaccination Status, Denque Update and Status, and CHD – CAR 2023 Plans and Programs. January 10, 2023. Held at Regional Director Office, DOH – CAR.

Jimmy Ceralde / ABN

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