Madiskarteng Pinoy

Do you still have work on this time of Pandemic? You are lucky if you still have it. Are you worried if you still have work tomorrow? Well, we gotta pray for that then.

You do not have work? But I’ve heard and check on it that you have lil’ Business out there.

I am truly happy for your Madiskarteng Pinoy. Some of us keep on complaining what are we going to feed our family, how can you enroll your child and buy his/her a Laptop needed for their so-called Blended Learning, Load to Call/Text/FB/Google, YouTube and etc…

When can we travel and go home to the province, do we still have enough money for Taxi or Jeepney fare?

These and so many more complaints. However, The Madiskarteng Pinoy had an idea and that is to cook Lunch and Merienda seal on a pack for its former colleagues before.

Another Madiskarteng Pinoy use its own Car for Hatid-Sundo Services for its own coworkers before.

This Madiskarteng Pinoy stop their operation for students wanted to learn Korean language and so they just decided to Buy and Sell Cactus which is a very famous start over business nowadays.

Some Online and a Barbecue outside their Houses. Yours truly, think of a way to survive as well iKit. And so, what I made is what you are using now and if not then please buy. Just in case you want to know, better Message me on Messenger IKit Ng Bayan or Call 0910-1484-600. Now I know that some of you are still complaining again.

How to start when there is no money at all? You know, you have to lower your pride sometimes and make your face a bit thick in tagalog kapal mukha and in iLocano puskol rupa to make things you need to do in order to put food on the table. Borrow, Umutang Ka just make sure to pay after. Have a little faith, have courage sweetheart.

All will be well sooner or later for all these things shall pass by for all situations is not forever. It’s the people who make it Forever. Only one is Forever and never changes and that is the Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour. Pray sweetheart for the way we think, decide, talk, and act. Ta Ti Panagkaykaysa, Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan. This is yours truly, iKit Ng Bayan!

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