Baguio boy  retired AFP Maj. Gen. Robert Musni Arevalo  Class “Sandiwa” 1985 of the Philippine Military Academy was recently appointed as General Manager of the Maharlika Center in Baguio City. The two-star General was the Former President of the AFMBAI. On active duty, he was second in command as the 49th Chief of Staff, Philippine Army.  All his civilian life, Robert or Balong as he and his siblings are referred to at the Academy lived and studied in Baguio City, finishing his High School at the Saint Louis Boys High School.

His military career was inspired by his father Filoteo (PMA Class’56) His other siblings are likewise PMAYER: Alexander’82, Filoteo Jr,’84, Benedict’89 and Armand’90. He graduated ranking number 7, Cum Laude at the PMA and thereafter the namesake of the actor saw combat in the hills of Negros Islands and Iloilo as a tough, thinking newly minted Second Lieutenant. In 1994 he was recognized by his alma matter as “officer of the year”  for his-outstanding achievement, performance character and personal traits and in 1998 repeated the same feat at the Training and Doctrine Command in 1998.

Back to Baguio, he was assigned as Tactical Officer at the PMA and burned the midnight candle taking up Masters in Business Management at the Asian Institute of Management and Masters in Business Administration at the Philippine Christian University. He graduated on top of his Quartermaster Officer Basic Course and the Combined Logistics Officer Advance Course at Fort Lee, Virginia, USA.

He then attended his Command and General Staff Course (GSE), again obtaining academic honors. He then  held various Command and Staff positions at the AFP as Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics, G4, PA; Commanding Officer, Philippine Army Procurement Center; Commanding Officer, 6th Forward Service Support Unit, Army Support Command; Chief, Fiscal Operations Division, Management Fiscal Office, General Headquarters; Logistics and Financial Management Staff of the Training and Doctrine Command.

Prior to his assumption as the Chief of Staff, Philippine Army, he was the 35th Commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group of the Philippine Army responsible for the overall security and maintenance of the 103-hectare retention area of the Army headquarters at Fort Bonifacio as well as the conduct of military ceremonies, other related special operations and recreational activities inside the camp.

Along the way of his career, the low key officer received the Distinguished Service Star, Bronze Cross Medal, Outstanding Achievement Medals, Military Merit Medals, Military Commendation Medals; and numerous Campaign Medals, Ribbons, Plaques and Commendations. A seasoned logistician and bemedalled officer he was chosen by his ‘Mistah’s as President of the PMAAA a few years back.

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