Mass com-portable?

Many of us think it’s easy to enter the world of mass media specifically mass communication.
Some people underestimate the course Mass Communication. Others even joke about it saying that this course is just Mass COMportable. They think that this course easy. If you are a mass communication student this is not new to you.
To be honest, it’s not good to hear and it feels so degrading because we are not just a mass communication we are more than that.
Mass communication is very wide and broad course, you’re not just a reporter in signal no.3 typhoon but you can be an engineer who constructs and plan what you will write, a doctor who will make ways to maintain the credibility of a chosen field work, a teacher who will tell the whole truth and facts, and especially a policeman who will give a service to everyone.
We don’t just invest our time and voice in our chosen field but we passionately offer our own life to work.  Our thinking skills, patience and fears are constantly tested. We work more than work hours, weekends and holidays are not enough to finish school requirements.
They think Mass Communication is the easiest course in all courses, but they don’t know what we can provide to everyone. We risk our lives to get information from prominent persons in the government. We have to be careful in communicating to others because of different cultural practices and beliefs, and we need to understand how people think.
Imagine the world without movies, TV series, talk shows, entertainment, daily news and articles. People will crave news and public information. The ignorance will make the world worse. FRIA PILORIN, UC Intern

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