Irrigation development in the Cordilleras has fairly been growing over the years, and to sustain the upward trend amid environmental challenges that may impact local farmer’s productivity and food security as a whole ,the National Irrigation Administration Cordillera (NIA-CAR) gears up for a modern irrigation modernization program. NIACAR’S modernization program study involved seven disciplines which are surface water hydrology, groundwater, dam design/electro mechanical/
project cost, irrigation and drainage, agronomy and economics, soil and land classification, and social and environmental safeguards.

The Upper Chico River Irrigation System (UCRIS) in Kalinga and Isabela as the pilot study areas which will cover rehabilitation and improvement program geared towards modernization of national irrigation systems, The other national irrigation systems (NIS) which will be covered by
the modernization program are— West Apayao Abulug Irrigation System (WAAIS) with service areas in Apayao and Cagayan, the Hapid Irrigation System in Lamut, Ifugao, and the Abra River Irrigation System (ARIS).

Actually, personnel from the agency- Abra, Ifugao, Kalinga and Apayao have undergone a weeklong
workshop in preparation for the conduct of the study. Based on NIA-CAR’s social page, Engr. Roselyn Tolentino, Modernization Program Coordinator of the NIA Central Office, said the feasibility studies and detailed engineering outputs of the program are required as basis in the future implementation of repair, rehab, improvement, and modernization of NIS.

Meanwhile, Engineer Manuel Bustonera has assumed as head of Apayao Irrigation Management in a simple turnover held recently at NIA office in Brgy. Poblacion East, Flora, Apayao. Engineer Benito Espique Jr., NIA-CAR Regional Manager presided the turnover to outgoing Acting Division
Manager Samuel C. Bahiwag, who served Apayao IMO for almost two and a half years. Apayao Vice Governor and NCIA President Remy led other government officials who witnessed the ceremony. In a telephone interview, Engr. Bahiwag has expressed his gratitude and his opportunity to serve and stay at NIA Apayao IMO for more than two years. He urged everyone to support the leadership
Bustonera to sustain the agency’s irrigation development efforts.

Primo Agatep/ ABN

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