“NIA-CAR turns over 19 irrigation systems to Irrigators Associations’ in Ifugao.”
LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – More than 400 farmers in various municipalities of Ifugao will benefit in the 19 newly turned over irrigation systems, the National Irrigation Administration-Cordillera (NIA-CAR) reported.
These irrigation projects will now be operated and maintained by the farmers who organized themselves into Irrigators Associations (IAs) after the NIA-CAR recently turned over the systems in separate ceremonies led by NIA-CAR Regional Manager Benito T. Espique, Jr. and NIA Ifugao Chief, Engr. Patrick Resurrecion, and local officials in –Hungduan,Kiangan and Mayoyao.
With a total project cost of more than P50 million pesos, these 19 irrigation systems have a total service area of 300 hectares.
Espique rallied local farmers as well as other stakeholders to take care these (irrigation) systems which is vital to food resiliency. These irrigation facilities are located in – HUNGDUAN —Apuldumlig Creek Nompolia Takapna CIS, Pangittiyan CIS,Bikhung Creek Maggok Kahabugan SIS,Ngittiyan Creek Luboong Ngittiyan-Awa CIS,Kilong Doplahan CIS, Luktu Creek Baguinge Yukku CIS; KIANGAN—Mangimaton CIS,Dalili Creek Tuplac Indogga SIS,Mappit Creek Duit Hikkot Dugong SIS; and in MAYOYAO—Gohachan Creek Banhal Wangiyan SIS,Nattum Tubog SIS, Felong-Taw CIP, Charchar Ehet Creek Buninan Tumataw-Balat SIS,Chujlu Buninan CIS,Polig SIS,Arjub Aggihaw CIS, and Empholleh Creek Balangbang Empholleh-Tawang SIS.
Primo Agatep/ABN

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