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BAGUIO CITY (December 27, 2020) —  The Communist Party of the Phiilppines on Sunday insisted it does not recognize the legal authority of the Philippine government which earlier declared it as a terrorist group.

“The Party, the New Peoples Army and the revolutionary movement are outside the legal jurisdiction of the (GRP),”  Marco Valbuena,  spokesman of the CPP Central Committee said , adding,  “they are governed by the rules of the People’s Democratic Government (PDG) that the revolutionary movement is building and has established in the course of waging a revolutionary war to advance the national and democratic rights of the people.”

Valbuena further added that the CPP, which has absolute control over the NPA,  does not recognize “the juridical authority of the GRP, neither does (it) recognize the Anti-Terror Law as a legitimate law.”

The CPP also cited that 30 complainants have already lodged constitutionality questions of the ATL before the SC.

Valbuena hinted that legal experts and luminaries are due to take independent action to question the ATC’s designation of the CPP as “terrorist” because “it could be the first option to prevent the legal consequences of the CPP designation by the ATC against civil and political rights in the country.

The CPP maintained that the ATL “is anti-democratic enacted to suppress opposition against Duterte.”  The said law,  it added, “is only merely using the veil of anti-terrorism to suppress and clampdown on patriotic and democratic forces and delegitimize their mass-oriented cause.”

It went on to lambast the ATC as “composed of close-minded Duterte die-hards that aim to silence all criticism of their boss.  It is a twin of the NTF-ELCAC whose sworn duty is to destroy the CPP and the patriotic and democratic forces.

Artemio A. Dumlao

Amianan Balita Ngayon