The Philippine Statistics Authoñty (PSA) BenguetProvincial Office will conduct the First Quarter Crops Production Survey (CrPS) activity this March 2024. The CrPS is a quarterly survey which aims to generate basic production statistics for crops other than palay and com at the national and sub-national levels. Twenty major crops under the Other Crops subsector are highlighted in the Value of Pmduction in Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries. It covers more than 280 crops sub-classified under three commodity groupings, namely: (1) Non-Food and Industrial Crops, (2) Fruit Crops, and (3) Vegetables and Root Crops.

The CrPS field operation covering the first quarter of 2024will be undertaken from16- 31 March 2024 and will be
targeting six (6) farmersproducers per sample barangay and eight (8) farming establishments in the province to collect data on volume of production, area planted/ harvested, and number of bearing trees/ hills/ vines. The CrPS results form part of the estimation for the performance of agriculture and eventually, of the National Accounts for the generation of Gross Value Added (GVA), Gross National Product (GNP) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The data sets generated out of this activity serve as basis for researchers and policy formulation. Hence, reliable and
accurate production data is very essential. Under Section 26 of RA 10625, the information gathered from the respondent will be held strictly confidential and cannot be used for purpose of taxation, investigation or enforcement
procedure, nor will be published except in the form of statistical summaries in which no reference to any individual
person shall appear. In line with this, the PSA Benguet Provincial Statistical Office asks for the cooperation of the barangay officials and the farmer-producers of crops to support and participate in the survey by providing the
information needed. Statistical Researchers (SR) will visit the household to conduct personal interview.

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