LA TRINIDAD, BenguetMore than 1,000 senior citizens in this capital town, age ranges 70 and above are expected to receive recognition and cash incentives. The Municipal Council with Vice Mayor Roderick Oasis, presiding officer ,
recently approved on third and final reading Ordinance No. 06- 2024 -Giving recognition and granting which proash incentives to senior citizens, who are septuagenarian, octogenarian and nonagenarian in La Trinidad. The ordinance, principally authored by Councilor Teddy Walang and co-authored by 11 other aldermen.

The ordinance aims to strengthen social welfare services for vulnerable groups in this town. The measure covers senior citizens aged seventy to seventy-nine (70 to 79), eighty to eighty-nine (80 to 89), and ninety to ninety-nine (90 to 99) years old provided that they are residents of La Trinidad for at least 10 years. As per record by the Office
of the Senior Citizens Affairs (La Trinidad), there 1,250 estimated Septuagenarians while 450 belong to Octogenarians and 60 Nonagenarians.

To be eligible, applicants must meet the expected age brackets and have been residents of La Trinidad for the past decade, have provided the necessary documentation, including proof of age and residency, a voter registration, and an official identification card. The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) and the Office of Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) have been designated to implement the ordinance. Any supplementary guidelines issued by the Local Chief Executive must be in line with legislative policies, principles, and objectives.

The MSWDO will also be in charge of the annual recognition day program, which may be part of the Linggo ng
Katandaan or Foundation Day celebration in the Municipality. The funds required for the execution of this Ordinance will be allocated from the General Fund budget of the Municipality.

Katrine P. Dumling/UB-Intern

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