Baguio City Rep. Mark Go was conferred an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the Bulacan State University in an investiture ceremony at the BulSu E-Library Amphitheater on Tuesday, July 11, together with his wife, Mrs. Soledad Go, and his entire family. An honorary Doctor of Laws degree is the highest level of honor and distinction a University can bestow upon an individual. Bulacan State University President Dr. Cecilia S. Navasero-Gascon recognized the Baguio Lawmakers for being a proud voice not only for the people of Baguio City but for the entire country.

Renowned for his unwavering support and significant contributions to the field of education. Rep. Go has been recognized for his integrity and as a champion for vital education causes such as bridging educational gaps, empowering underprivileged communities, and fostering inclusive learning environments Rep. Mark Go passionately serves as the Chairman of the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education in the 19th Congress, a position he has dutifully held since the 18th Congress.

During the acceptance speech, he expressed his deep gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him,
emphasizing that the honorary degree serves as a testament to his unwavering belief in fairness and integrity in the realm of education and the country’s justice system. “This recognition is not only a great honor professionally but also a deeply personal one. From a young age, I always wanted to become a lawyer. Financial limitations loomed over my family, casting a shadow on the dreams of that young boy.

Yet, I never relinquished my dream and love for law, equity, fairness, and justice. This is the closest that I can get towards the realization of that dream,” Rep. Go said in his speech. “This honorary degree serves as a testament to the sincerity of my efforts and deepens my resolve that integrity must be the foundation of public service. Throughout my years in Congress, I have upheld the
utmost integrity in all that I do. One can always talk about what is right and how things should be done but without action, integrity would remain elusive,” he added.

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