I MET Pepe Smith one drunken night at Gimbals, a bar he frequented because of its music. It was a place where local
bands thrived and where there was music, there was Pepe Smith. Gimbals has long closed with Pepe Smith outliving its stint. He had a swagger which will make you think he was drunk or maybe he walked funny because he was so tall, he towered over everyone.

I would more likely want to believe he was drunk. He joked about himself most of the time and jammed with the crowd which would more often than not, be star struck at the mere sight of him. Well, he was a legend, and looked every inch like one. He was obviously old and you would marvel at the tenacity his entire being had at life and how he held on to it. He lived in Baguio for a while and residents would see him here and there, the occasional art exhibit,
walking around town and the bars across the city.

He became a local for a while and locals didn’t give a fuzz when he was around. He would sing. He would perform.
He would engage you in small talk. And he would joke about things. Pepe Smith’s joke went like this; Knock knock Who is there? Pepe Mith Teka… bakit kulang… asan na ang “S”? Then Pepe would break into a grin and shout “wala na, tinira ko na!” Everyone would laugh and so would he. If you don’t get this…. you probably never will and an explanation would only ruin its essence. Rock and roll to the world Pepe Mith!

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