“Service from the Heart ” Dental/ Optical and Gift Giving Project in Brgy. Maslud Occ. Mindoro. headed by MIP Mhel Pechera , President RY 2022-2023 during her “Service from the Heart “as Region Chair.,For 200 recipient and 200 kids including Grocery Packs, Slippers, Clothes, Candys and toys with ROTARY CLUB MAKATI AYALA AMITY RCMAA family.

CP Lina Sullivan Manay Dallaz Eure, VP1 Cecile Martizon Twitt ,Jenny Gridley, Rita Torrechilla Abitang Ri Nah Ven Alen Ogocec ,Myra Forberg ,PP Astrud Lev Gerry Alma Jef KTan, Sec Eli Torc, Doc bhe John O. Crespo Vickie A. Von Loh Alma , Gerry , Long Quan Char Lee, Vivian Yano , Kristian Marquez, April 15, 2023 Followed by a Donation of 5,000 meters of HOSE /PIPE to Maslud Oriental Mindoro(mayor inset) ….a project for WASH ,WATER and SANITATION of ROTARY CLUB MAKATI AYALA AMITY ,and MIP Pres Mhel Pechera –

Carlos C. Meneses ABN

Amianan Balita Ngayon