The City Government of Baguio gives recognition to best performing barangays that excel in their respective barangay development programs. The following barangays that were awarded are Barangay Malcolm Square PB Hadji-Imran Baniaga, DPS Barangay Ariel del Monte, Bakakeng Norte/Sur PB Salidummay Igorotah, Multi-awarded Middle Quezon Hill Barangay PB Edita S. Lina,Middle Quirino Hill Barangay PB Kap Galiente . Witnessing the awarding are Councilors Leah Farinas, Leandro Yangot, Betty Lulu Tabanda, Sol Go wife of Congressman Mark Go . The event was held on November 22, 2022 at New Town Plaza Hotel Event Center, Baguio City.

Carlos C. Meneses /ABN

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