Making proper e-waste disposal accessible and convenient for Filipinos nationwide

To strengthen its efforts in promoting the responsible disposal of electronic waste, SM Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Supermalls, recently tapped PLDT Inc. (PLDT) and its wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), two of the leading telecommunications providers in the country for a strategic
partnership that will expand SM’s Electronic Waste Collection (EWC) Program and drive further positive change
in electronic waste management in the country.

The partnership was launched to the public last April 22, 2024. In a short message, Joaquin L. San Agustin, SVP of SM Supermalls for Marketing, underscored the need for the responsible disposal of electronic waste to help minimize its impact on human health and the environment. He also thanked change in electronic waste management in the country.” He added. “Recognizing the importance of sustainability and responsible consumption, our brands, PLDT Home and Smart, have been actively promoting e waste collection and recycling as part of their sales, marketing, retail operations, and customer engagement activities.

We are thus grateful to have found a like-minded partner in SM, as this joint initiative significantly expands our reach and makes e waste collection and circularity solutions even more accessible and convenient to our customers
and the general public,” said Melissa V. Vergel de Dios, Chief Sustainability Officer at PLDT and Smart. To reinforce the initiative’s sustainability messaging, SM, PLDT, and Smart unveiled new designs for the bins that will be used to collect the e-waste, which are made from 8,400 pieces Electronic Waste Collection (EWC) Program encourages tenant and customer participation in the responsible disposal of electronic waste or e-waste which is considered hazardous, while also promoting decluttering in households and bringing to light conscious consumerism.

Since 2021, a total of 11,600 kg of e-waste has been collected through the program, diverted from ending up in landfills and causing harm to humans and the environment to the designated facilities where they are disposed of responsibly. This partnership between SM Supermalls, PLDT and Smart is the latest initiative under SM Supermalls’ solid waste management program, which is also in line with SM Cares’ Programs Environment. on Aside from this, SM Cares PLDT and Smart for partnering with SM for the initiative.

“Through this partnership, our goal is to promote and expand the reach of the E-Waste Collection Program, leveraging our combined expertise and resources to drive positive of used beverage cartons. Shown above are the new bin designs, taken during the launch of the partnership. The e-waste bins will be available at SM Malls
nationwide, particularly in Cyberzone areas. Launched in 2021, the spearheads initiatives that promote sustainability and the development of the community, including programs on Persons with Disabilities, Women and Breastfeeding Mothers, Senior Citizens, and Children and Youth, as well as the Bike Friendly SM initiative.

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