Turnover School Building South Central Integrated School, San Fernando La Union 107th school building

Overcrowding is a major challenge faced by public schools in the Philippines. With limited resources and a large student population, classrooms often become crammed, hindering effective learning and individual attention. The SM Foundation’s School Building program directly addresses this by providing much needed classrooms, particularly in low-income communities.

As a testament to its staunch advocacy in promoting quality education in the Philippines, the SM
Foundation inaugurated its 107th school building at the South Central Integrated School in San Fernando, La Union, on January 4, 2024. Alleviating quality of education This two-story, four classroom structure will be a welcome addition to the community, alleviating the burden of classroom overcrowding and providing a conducive learning environment for 200 Grade 7 students.

The new school building at South Central Integrated School is more than just bricks and mortar. It stands as a symbol of hope and opportunity for the students who will learn within its walls. The building is fully furnished with armchairs (including left-handed options), teacher’s desks and chairs, panoramic whiteboards, wall fans, and wall clocks. To ensure inclusivity, the structure
includes a PWD ramp and a PWD-friendly comfort room with handrails and necessary amenities.

Enhanced safety and wellbeing features The SM Foundation also prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of students and staff. The building is equipped with fire alarms and emergency lights in
key areas, ensuring a quick response in case of emergencies. To promote a healthy learning environment, a tenfaucet handwashing facility and overhead water tanks have been installed. Dedicated rooms for a guidance office, art gallery, and a prayer room further enhance the school’s
functionality and cater to the diverse needs of the community.

SM Foundation’s impact extends beyond constructing schools, resonating in enhanced safety, nurturing learning spaces, and a broader commitment to educational empowerment. Building not just structures but opportunities, the foundation stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating a path to a brighter, more inclusive future for countless students nationwide.


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