Theme: A Renaissance of Wonder & Beauty

Taking inspiration from the Swan princess, the fairy tale story of Odette and her Prince brings whimsy, fantasy and of romantic love. Just like what the Swan boat ride of Burnham Lake, one of the many attractions the famous tourist spot in the city of Baguio offers. It not only sets a romantic mood but a nice way to bring relaxation and fun not only for lovers but for friends and family as well.

SM, as its adage “We’ve got it all for you” also brings more of the relaxation and fun with all of we’ve got to offer. The Swan being the main element of this year’s float, is a symbol of Purity, Beauty, Grace, Love, & Elegance. The swan as an animal totem can also help understand better spiritual evolution and maintain grace in the communication with other people.

Also, we should have in mind that swans are connected with water, so it means that they also symbolize fluidity, creativity & depth. The beauty & elegance of the swan is what SM embodies through the years. As we evolve and fly over the changing times, SM strives to be the top fashion store in mind. It keeps up with the varying demands of its consumers. Through the years it keeps on blooming and evolving to better serve the community.

It strives to give wonder through the many attractions and activities we offer. This is the message SM wants to deliver and convey. Through our collaborative efforts of bringing the best, and as we have flown from our humble beginnings as a shoe store in Quiapo to be the leader in the retail industry of the country, SM continues to soar high and reach greater heights for many years to come.

Amianan Balita Ngayon