Chanum Foundation Incorporated has partnered with Davies Paints to bring cheer to children at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) -Cancer Center. Ian Gonzales, nurse at the BGHMC reached out to the Tam – Awab Village Artists (TVA) to fill the walls of the children’s
cancer unit with colorful murals in a bid to alleviate the pain and trauma children face when
undergoing treatment.

Five sections of the BGHMC Cancer Center, where children take their chemotherapy and radiation
treatment were agreed to be painted on with a whimsical design to amuse and calm children. The project is part of the October celebration of the 12th Tam-Awan International Art Festival themed; “Hapit Di Aammod” (in Tuwali, an indigenous language spoken in Ifugao, translates to Voice of the

The annual art festival, staged by the Chanum Foundation in partnership with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts converges artists, performers, culture bearers, and artisans from all over the country and the world for a 5-day artistic display. The BGHMC Mural Project is part of the outreach of the Baguio based art group aimed at empowering communities and advocating art therapy.

Art therapy has become a tool for therapists to help patients interpret, express, and resolve emotions and thoughts. The physical installation of art has also been proven to alleviate stress and
anxiety. The TVA group was led by Joey Delas Alas and Freya Jadormio, who undertook the project and coordinated with artists from a variety of groups.

Volunteers who helped complete the mural wall were; Anna Marie Angelica Rosalin, Nicole Joy Paleg, Dianne Rose Barrientos, Kimberly Pantano, Philchae Estipular and Rhesa Makin Payangdo from the Pasakalye Group of Artists and other art groups in the city. During simple turnover
ceremonies December 12, BGHMC Cancer Center Head, Kimberley, Ubando and Sabrina Florendo -Villanueva, Consultant for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology lauded the efforts of the TVA group, the volunteers and Davies Paints. Chanum Foundation pledged to continue the partnership with the BGHMC Cancer Center in 2023.

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