Peace now reigns between two mixed martial teams after a third party intervened to end a year long conflict. Team Lakay and its break away brothers, the Lions Mixed Martial team can be cordial now with each other. The Games and Amusement Board made sure during an intervention that the Mark Sangiao led Team Lakay and Lions MMA with Eduard Folayang at its head had amicably settled their beef. The intervention, led by GAB Chairperson Atty. Richard Clarin and Contact Sports Division Chief Jackie Lou Cacho, culminated in a cordial agreement between the two parties, ensuring a harmonious split and paving the way for future successes on both sides.

Atty. Clarin and Cacho facilitated the crucial talks, underscoring the importance of unity and professionalism in
Philippine MMA. The agreement ensures that both Team Lakay and some of its former fighters can focus on their training and upcoming competitions without the shadow of discord. This resolution not only preserves the integrity of Philippine MMA but also sets a positive example for conflict resolution in sports. “Given the close – knit
nature of our professional sports industry, maintaining positive relationships is paramount,” said Clarin in
GAB’s official Facebook page.

Coach Mark Sangiao meanwhile welcomed the settlement while setting the record straight that he is always open to talking to his former fighters. “We could have talked to each other before their departure for us to settle our
differences. But we welcome the GAB intervention as I was able to clear my name specially on several issues that they have hurled against me,” added Sangiao. The multi – awarded coach added he is also seeking GAB’s help to prevent both camps from hurling any negative remarks against each other particularly in the media.

Sangiao added part of the agreement is the signing of a release contract for both camps that will be drafted by Clarin
himself. It can be recalled that sometime in 2023, strawweight world champion Joshua Pacio, former ONE World Champions Eduard Folayang, Kevin Belingon, Honorio Banario, Edward Kelly, and Jenelyn Olsim announced their departure with the team and formed Lions Nation MMA.Stephen Loman followed this year. But even with the
departure, Team Lakay continues to flourish as it paraded new stars in the likes of Von Carlo Bumina-ang, Carlos Alvarez, Jhanlo Sangiao, Jean Claude Saclag and Adonis Sevilleno.

Team Lakay also launched in March the ‘Future Champion Kids Training’ program, one of the project of Cong. Eric Go Yap who acts as team manager and coach Sangiao, has attracting aspiring kids aged 9 to 12 – years – old eager to embrace the world of mixed martial arts. With an emphasis on MMA, boxing, and an array of martial arts skills, these youngsters have committed themselves to a daily rigorous training regimen for free, aiming to become the future champions of the sport. Team Lakay has also strengthened recently its partnership with GAB towards
fostering collaboration between the MMA community and regulatory authorities, aiming to create a safer and
more conducive environment for fighters to thrive.

Pigeon Lobien/ABN

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