The consequence of an Action

Suffering from trials and struggles in life is not the end of the world for you. Sometimes, we might not admit it but it is actually our fault as well that we are in this dilemma because of poor decision making.

You know, do not make decision when you are angry, drunk and irritated and challenged. But even if that is the case, we do not have a choice but to move forward because rather than living in the past let’s just say, “it is for the best” and that is yet to come when you make time to think it over again and again before you decide into something that you want to do with your life.

When opportunity is pouring through and yet you are not ready, which is which to have? Surely you are having a headache that all of a sudden these things are coming from everywhere, you do not know if it is for real.

Scary, for more opportunity means more responsibility, but exciting as well for we shall never stop learning, right? The more experiences we have, the more mature we will be.

Experience is the best teacher anyway, but I just do not know with some for I may be wrong. You may be hurt from the past and still hurt that some people do not bother to give importance to you.

Do not dwell to it that much for you do not deserve to just throw yourself in the midst of sadness and bitterness.

If you have to pray for something before and it is only now that it was answered, then by all means try it. You may never know, but God has prepared you now for He knows you’re ready mentally, emotionally and physically unlike before.

If financially you are not ready, then are you not confident of your capability. There is always a way if you want to, you just have to try it.

I guess for some, this saying is true: You cannot truly have it all. You may be blessed in career but not in love life or vice-versa. However, hope is still on the line. In the Bible (KJV), Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter, iKit ng Bayan who always reminds you, “Ti P a n a g k a y k a y s a , Mangiwanwan it iNaranyag nga Pagsayaatan.”

Amianan Balita Ngayon