The North, East, West and South

Some People are getting Depress, Stress, Anxious, easily getting Irritated, Angry then Sad.
Why? Maybe because we can no longer do the things we usually do before; for this Pandemic limits our daily routine.
Why? Perhaps some lose their job for the meantime and it is uncertain if when can they come back.
Why? Because nobody knows when will this Pandemic end. Only Medical Expert and each Government can say.
Why? Maybe this presumption that some people is beginning to Question this Pandemic if is it really incurable without Vaccine.
Why? Because some people are beginning to question was it really Covid that Kills some patients or some other sickness that only triggers with this pandemic and unhealthy living as well like lack of sleep, over work and etc…
Why? Because some people are beginning to question whether they’re only scaring the people for income generating. Some notice a mandatory wearing of Face Shield. A use of Angkas Barrier on Motorcycle, Alcohol (Sanitizer) when it is safer to wash our hand with Antibacterial Soap, Disinfectant when actually it isn’t safe.
Why? Because there is no strong Study if this Covid-19 is a Virus, Bacteria or Fungi.
Why? Because some people are beginning to doubt and lose trust on Medical Experts, Science, the Government and Men in Uniform.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, Is it really a Global Pandemic? A Money Income? A Power Hunger? A Bayanihan to Heal as One? or A Tribulation for the Second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ?
Knowing all but Lacks Wisdom is truly Dangerous. Sometimes not all that looks good is right. For there will come a time just like in Judges in the Old Testament that people do what they thought is right in their own eyes. but remember in Proverbs 21:2 that every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondered the hearts. Pray for yourself, your family, friends, enemies, co-workers and this Administration that may God be with them all.
Dahil lagi niyo po sanang tatandaan: Ti Panagkaykaysa, Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan! This is yours truly, iKit Ng Bayan.



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