Two Baguio Barangays Placed On Lockdown


BAGUIO CITY(May 29, 2020) —  Two barangays in Baguio City have been placed on lockdown after these villages have been dismissing GCQ rules.

Barangays San Vicente, which was placed on a two-week lockdown earlier in April, and barangay Poliwes were ordered on lockdown starting 7PM Friday.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong justified the lockdown orders after both villages were determined to have not been observing GCQ rules.

Poliwes, which is on its first time to be placed on lockdown, lies adjacent to San Vicente.

While Magalong has lifted the lockdown orders over Purok 7, Pinsao Proper and Purok 6, Dontogan- where the two most recent cases of COVID19 patients live.

Artemio Dumlao