Upholding the “Creative City” Claim

From “Summer Capital of The Philippines” to the country’s “Creative City”, Baguio has indeed made numerous names for itself. But was does the city’s current title actually mean?
Being the nation’s “Creative City” isn’t superficial. That does not only mean having eye-candy artsy walls over the town, or instagrammable coffee shops. It’s more than just the tourist spot where you can see the gigantic Lion’s Head or the infamous “Burnham Park”, plus those viral moody pictures circulating around social media isn’t enough to portray what the community has to offer.
The culture that is instilled within the city itself provokes the young guns into discovering and developing their purpose in their respective fields of art, which would later on prepare them for something even bigger than themselves. And the culture that was once so alive is now rebroadcasting better than ever, now in the hands of the youth.
It only takes an observable eye and great interest in the local scene to spot the gems that lie beneath the mountains of Baguio. Evident especially in the field of local street wear and music wherein a great deal of OG and newbie brand owners, collective groups, singers, and record labels; that are even on par with national talents, have come into sight to uplift the title that was given to our beloved home town.
Upholding the title of our city does not mean putting each other down, and this camaraderie is precisely where every aspiring Baguio artists fuel the passion, they already have into paying homage and doing everything to keep the culture alive.
Living in the creative city has taught these inspired locals to never let any circumstance stop you from creating what you are meant to create. It only takes the right people, connections, and intentions for you to take a step further from achieving your purpose.
Hence, these connections are now within the reach by the undeniable growth of platforms that are locally available. Anyone and everyone who aspires to become a great creative does not have to go all the way to the South or anywhere else to achieve that visionary dream.
To all creatives: Don’t be afraid to take that first step, Baguio City will always look out for you. In return, let us uphold its name.
Serine Doi

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