US Ambassador MaryKay Carlson welcomed the increasing collaboration between the Philippines and the United States towards sustainable mining. Addressing Philippine mining industry leaders
Wednesday at the 69th Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Week starting November 14 until Friday at Camp John Hay here stressed, “we are, genuine partners in prosperity while making a
positive difference in the lives of the people of both our nations.”

Our efforts, she told Philippine miners, “have driven economic growth, fueled innovation, and provided much-needed jobs in rural communities,” while she primed on ‘critically balancing the
demands for mineral resources with environmental and economic sustainability’. Carlson praised the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association (PMSEA) leading the mine leaders conference, she said, “championed the important intersection (of the mine industry demands and
environmental and economic sustainability).”

“Your resolve to demonstrate that responsible the expansion of the industry.” She vowed, the US government continues to support “efforts aimed at strengthening Philippine transparency and
accountability in natural resources governance.” As a example, she cited, our mission through the USAID, has supported the implementation of the Extractive Industries and Transparency Initiative (EITI) both a national and local levels. EITI is strengthening government reporting systems, including proper accounting of wealth revenues from the national to local governments.

The US, Carlson said, helped in the establishment of an online portal for the posting of mineral contracts and public disclosure of mining companies’ payments to the government. Carlson also cited the US State Department and US Department of Interior’s help through the energy resource
governance initiative, promoting sound mining sector governance and resilient energy minerals supply chains. “Our work has enhanced environmental compliance, reviewed the fiscal practices
and provided analyses for priority sectors including nickel and copper,” she emphasized.

Here in Benguet, Carlson cited, “the Regional Development Council serves as a venue for multi-stakeholder engagement and discussions on natural resource governance. These platforms have provided a means for indigenous peoples to have a greater voice in the disposition of land resources at the end of a mine’s life.” She encouraged Philippine miners to play “an active role in ensuring inclusive growth and development from mining activities.” This, Calson said, “includes communities living near mining sites to support sustainable livelihoods, particularly women and
indigenous communities.”

Carlson further stressed, “collaboration and partnership remain at the core of our efforts to ensure a sustainable and responsible mining regime that leaves no one behind,” as she gave importance to
“empowering the local workforce”. Together, we can codevelop training and employment programs that will expand livelihood and economic opportunities for local residents, allowing communities
to become more resilient and self-sufficient,” she added. The US envoy showed confidence that the US and Philippine mining industries “will find new pathways to continue supporting the
development of the (domestic) mining industry, keeping in mind our shared values, objectives and responsibilities.”

Wednesday evening at the sidelines of the US Embassy hosted reception of Philippine mining industry leaders, Carlson affirmed US tremendous interest in critical minerals in the country like
nickel and cobalt. That is why the US, said Paul Taylor, US commercial counselor at the US Embassy in Manila said, (we are) into helping (the Philippine) government capacitate to attract
investments for livelihood growth. Like other challenges, Carlson admitted that the security situation (involving the Philippines and China) at the WPS, “has elevated the relation between the two countries.” We believe, the US envoy said, “when the Philippines is strong, the US is strong”. We want the Philippine economy to boom, she enthusiastically said.

Artemio A. Dumlao/ABN

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