The Transportation and Traffic Management (TTM) of the Baguio City Engineering Office (CEO) is
considering a Weekend Coding Scheme in the city’s bid to solve the monstrous traffic jams during the influx of tourists during weekends here causing irritants among residents. Beginning as early as
Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday, visitors or tourists flock the city with their vehicles in tow adding to the volume of motor traffic amidst the narrow roads and streets of Baguio.

Every Sundays meanwhile, the famous Session Road is closed to traffic as it will be dedicated to craft and selling, busking among others. TTM head Engineer Januario Burillo said they will ask the Baguio City Council to pass an ordinance or a resolution on the implementation of a Weekend Coding Scheme. This will be done after the Traffic Management Working Group will convene on January 12, 2023.

Meanwhile, Burillo said that they have still to complete the assessment on the closure of Session Road every Sundays particularly its effect to the traffic flow in the city. This is his answer to the appeal of Baguio motorists for the review of the Session Road Closure because of the rising traffic
problem every weekend compared to the weekdays wherein Session Road is open to vehicles. The Council Committee on Public Utilities, Transportation and Traffic Legislation disclosed that the closure of Session Road have actually no legal basis because there is no resolution nor ordinance supporting such. Session Road is closed on Sundays as per the executive order from the Mayor’s Office.

Artemio A. Dumlao/ABN

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