Baguio City

Two creative artists in Baguio highlight their abilities, expertise, and artistic side by arts, despite the fame. Keith Anne Sajor, a 22-year-old a communication student at the University of Baguio, shares what art and her role in the society. Her artistic interests include photography, filmmaking, painting, digital art,graphic art, and clay art. She said it was during her junior high school days when she discovered arts being exposed on it. “ I guess na exposed ako sa arts, paintings, kasi yung
mga classmate ko and I were enrolled in special program in arts.

Keith Anne identifies herself as a visual artist, and she enjoys painting because she never gets tired or burned out from it, unlike filmmaking, which has a lot of pressure. She also enjoys painting and digital art. Mostly she does all of her arts for herself. “As an artist, my role in the society is to send a message through my art and to inspire people.” “It’s important to provide a positive message to our
society in order for people to be interested in your skills and for others to support you,” Keith Anne said. Just leave the life that you want as long as wala kang natatapakang tao, she added.

According to Keith Anne, the secret to success in the arts is to explore everything. In the arts, there is no such thing as a permanent forte or style. Create something you own, art may have the same impact on its audience as it does on the creator. Viewing some pieces of art may inspire, create intense emotions or encourage someone to explore something they had never considered before. While an artist may have been inspired while making a piece, people who observe it may be motivated as well.

Brennan Karl Selga, a 14- year-old student of Baguio City National High School (BCNHS) said , he is a traditional artist. His describes what a fourteen-year-old does in art and what keeps him driven to make art at a very young age. He started to appreciate arts at a very young age, beginning in Grade 1. Drawing or sketching is his favorite type of work. “By doing this, I can keep myself out of boredom, and also being able to bring my imaginations or characters to life,” Brennan Karl said.

He believe that his responsibility as an artist in society is to convey emotions using art and to communicate through drawing and our own unique feelings, ideas, and experiences. Brennan Karl define art – it’s the way artists communicate in a unique way, being able to produce arts to represent something like a scenario or an experience anyone can relate. It is also the way for us
artists to express our emotions that kept in our minds, we can free those emotions and portray through arts.

‘My advice for those who want to pursue art, keep pursuing art! Even though you make mistakes, keep practicing till you make it, it’s never simple but you find your own style in the arts,” Brennan Karl said. “ If you have a dream of being a professional artist one day, keep chasing it! Keep practicing, keep creating, keep enjoying it, cause believe me, you’ll definitely become an artist whether what art style you use, you’ll always be an artist. Never give up, fighting!” Art may significantly support you in processing your emotions and understanding your environment.

Like these two young creative artists– Keith Anne Sjaor, and Brennan Karl Selga, proved that being an artist is more than just fame and power; it can help you see life from a different perspective and make you feel alive. Art has been a part of human civilization from the beginning of time. For
centuries, art has been utilized to promote cultural understanding, education, and emotion.

Jerico Cayabyab/UB Intern/ABN

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