2,575 establishments receive closure order


The summer capital’s road to recovery after pandemic is on track with the marked increase of business permits
issued and revenue collected. Last year, some 24,426 regular license including 2,106 special bringing to a total of
26,532 licensed issued, according to City Permit and Licensing Office. A total of P 385,386,949 million in taxes was
collected. And some 2,575 business establishments meted closure order for failure to comply rules and regulations.

“Based on the tax ordinance.. if you don’t have a business permit you should not be operating a business,’ Allan Abayao, Head of the City Permit and Licensing Office. Those businesses who won’t still comply will be forwarded to the city legal office for proper evaluation and action such as closure order, Abayao stressed. Processing time for new
permit applications at the Permit and Licensing Office is only 20 minutes, and 10 minutes for renewals as long
as all requirements are completed the official added.

Efforts are being made to fast track the process of renewing permits in order to facilitate establishment compliance and strengthen business development. Business applicants are encourage to utilize Baguio in my Pocket or (BIP), an online assessment and settle payment to the treasurer ’s office provided no violations incurred. Also in 2023, for the
record, some 27,994 establishments were inspected, 6,111 establishments were found operating without permits.

Furthermore, out of 197 night establishments that were inspected, 127 were able to comply with their permits. For the first quarter (2024), some 18,917 regular and renewal permits were issued, a marked increased compared to 16,850 in the same period.

Raymond Macatiag -UB intern/ABN

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