Magalong “Back Walks” On Zamora’s Breach


“We appeal to the public to exercise greater discernment and restraint in prejudging, (Zamora and the members of his group),”  the mayor in a statement Monday.

While Magalong admitted he “understand(s) the public’s displeasure over the reported breach,”  the mayor urged, “Let us however bear in mind that the full appreciation of facts and the proper evaluation of evidence at hand are best left to our courts or the rightful quasi-judicial bodies. This is how justice works.”

Magalong said “we have accepted the apologies of Mayor Zamora, no doubt conveyed in sincerity. But in my talk with him, I emphasized that it is to the people of Baguio, not I, who deserve to do that.

After all, it is their primordial health and well-being that Mayors like him and I are consecrated to work for in these troubled times.”

Enraged netizens have pitched an online petition urging city officials to declare Zamora “persona non grata”.

The city mayor though explained “in any case, we should not lose sight of the fact that his conveyed apology, no matter how profuse, does not mean that he and his group are now freed of any legal consequences for their actions.”  It is better left for the courts,  he thought.

Magalong, dousing enraged complaints by Baguio residents, especially those facing difficulties in acquiring out-of-town travels, said ‘complaints have already been lodged and the PNP hierarchy has directed a formal investigation, purposely to determine culpability, based on our complaint!’ Let them prove their innocence, as they have manifested before us, before the proper judicial or quasi-judicial bodies, he stressed.

Artemio Dumlao