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What or Who is your stress reliever? Some find ways to ease their burden for the mean time before reality bites them that the problem is still there and it’s not gonna go away not unless it has a solution to it. Just like what we are going through on this trying times. So some had a hard time coping with and adjusting to what they are use to.

Some cant easily go to their stress reliever and that is going to the beach, hiking, trekking, shopping and etc… And it’s so interesting to learn that some take out their stress from simply reading book, sipping coffee and being with their Dog. Simple but truly effective for many specially people who lives in the city of Baguio.

A man’s Bestfriend anyway is Dogs. And some even make a meaningful word out of it and that is D-epend O-n God for your safety in form of your Dog. Well we know that there are so many stories of Dogs life saving their Human friend.

And when you turn the word Dog it will be read as God. You can take out your frustration in life talking on them but of course no hate just love. Don’t beat your dog to death people; you ought to love them just like a family. Why have one if you can’t take care and have full responsibility of them.

Speaking of taking care of them. Angeles Pet Care Center is right here for you and your Dog. Located at 2nd Bldg. Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Rd. Baguio City. For appointment contact: 0933-329-4808 and look for Doc. Brian. Angeles Pet Care Center Services offered are the following: Haematology, Digital X-Ray, Blood Chemistry, Tonometry, Dentistry, Ultra Sound, Pharmacy, Surgery w/ Gas Anesthetic Machine, Pet Grooming and Pet Supplies.

The Main Branch; The Animal Care Hospital and Wellness Center is located at Mabalacat Pampanga. So drop by if you can and avail of their Products and Services for this is the most complete Equipment, Facilities, Products and Services for your beloved Furbabies! Meanwhile, don’t you know that your Dog is you and you is your Dog? So what are you waiting for let Angeles Pet Care Center take care of your Dog now here in Baguio- Benguet also.

This is yours truly, iKit Ng Bayan of ZRadio. And always remember Ti Panagkaykaysa, Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan.

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