AASENSO Partylist clarifies scammer not their member

BAGUIO CITY – The AASENSO Partylist said it supports the National Bureau of Investigation probe of suspected scammer Cristine Lagrisola and clarified that the person is not connected with the group.
“Once proven that indeed Cristine took advantage and abused the trust of the people who transacted with her, then she should pay for her transgression and be put behind bars.
Scammers like Christine have no place in a peace-loving community,” the group said in a statement.
It said that AASENSO Partylist denies any link with Cristine Lagrisola and was never a part of the AASENSO team during the incumbency of AASENSO at Congress in 2016-2019.
“As a policy of AASENSO, all consultants must have the approval of the Board of Trustees. The name Cristine Lagrisola was never considered by the Board. Since July 1, 2019 up to the present, the AASENSO Board of Trustees had ceased the hiring consultants,”
The statement further said. Lagrisola’s claim that she is a consultant of AASENSO Partylist came as a big surprise and disappointment to the Board of Trustees. “It is an act of deceit and false representation.”
The group also said that former AASENSO representative to Congress Teodoro Montoro, has resigned as member of the Board and has not been active since the first quarter of 2020.
AASENSO Partylist urged other victims of Cristine Lagrisola to come out and file criminal charges against her while a separate case will also be lodged by AASENSO Partylist against the suspect for bringing shame to its name.
Zaldy Comanda

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