ALS: A life saver

Life is nurtured by our environment and a safe environment is the greatest gift we can give to our children.
Alternative Learning System uses a tagline “A Life Saver” to promote the program. It is a true claim because it has helped a lot of out-of-school youths and out-of-school adults to improve their lives through second chance in education. However, the tagline does not limit on how it can be interpreted. Our learners have the utmost behaviours and background. Most of them were perceived to be the cause of trouble and untidiness in certain barangays in our city.
As a teacher of these learners who have been visiting and talking to barangay officials and their constituents, I can say that indeed these acts were carried out by some of them.
As educators, ALS has seen a way to let these OSYs and OSAs develop sense of compassion to the community and to the environment. Furthermore, it is also a way to instil to them the proper environmental values, skills and attitudes as stewards of our place.
Recently, ALS has organized a two-day leadership seminar-workshop (July 26-27, 2017) and a day for tree planting (August 3, 2017) at Atok Trail Barangay among officers and representatives of Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O), the only recognized co-curricular environmental club in the schools together with the ALS staff. The said seminar is intended to empower these learners through enlightening them of the environmental issues and concerns and to hone their leadership skills that they must project to help them deliver the message and implement programs and projects to their co-learners in their respective Learning Centers. Also, this is the result of our desire to take part in achieving the ultimate goal of the organization which is to promote environmental understanding and action through social, civic, intellectual, recreational and science-related programs and activities. The knowledge and skills were shared to them by Ms. Imelda G. Parcasio, Associate Professor V of BSU; Ms. Asuncion C. Saguid, Education Program Specialist II; and Mr. Elyzalde Karim Javar, project development officer of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Schools  in DepEd Baguio City.
We can deem to say that “A Life Saver” also means to safeguard what God has bestowed to all of us for the future to have a place called home and to continue a fruitful way of living.
Above all we can therefore say that a troubled child can be trusted in upholding the protection of our nature and achieving environmental goals through proper guidance by the people who surround them. RHEINECK M. CAPARAS, Alternative Learning System

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