CIDG Cordillera yielded 19 operations and 19 arrests during the weeklong CIDG intensified anti-criminality operations

CIDG Cordillera Regional Chief PCol Leon P Talleo highlighted the Group’s overall accomplishments during the
one (1) week CIDG Intensified Anti-Criminality Operations (CIACO) from February 12-18, 2024, with a total of 19 police operations, 19 lawbreakers arrested, and two (2) cases of estafa and vioaltion of RA 9262 were filed in court.

The Group gained notable feats on its campaign against wanted persons or OPLAN PAGTUGIS wherein 18 manhunt
operations were conducted resulting in the apprehension of one (1) Most Wanted Person at the Provincial Level for the crime of statutory rape and one (1) Most Wanted Person on Municipal Level for the crime of Estafa (3 counts) while 16 were listed as Other Wanted Persons. One of the other wanted persons arrested for the crime of theft is a member of Bolt Cutter/ Acetylene Gang, a criminal group operating nationwide which falls under the CIDG’s Flagship Project OPLAN SALIKOP or the campaign against Organized Crime Groups (OCGs) and Criminal Gangs.

In its efforts against other law enforcement activities or OPLAN OLEA the CIDG was able to conduct one operation thru entrapment which resulted to the arrest of one personality for the crime of Usurpation of Authority (Art 177of RPC), Estafa under Art 315 of RPC as amended by RA 10951. Incidental to his arrest was the confiscation of six (6) live ammunition in violation of RA10591 or otherwise known as “Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act”. The case stemmed from the complaint of the victim wherein the suspect whom she had known through the Tinder Application presented himself as a member of PNP-PSPG with the rank of PCMS.

Throughout their interaction, the suspect misrepresented his credentials and falsely stated his involvement with the CIDG. The suspect was engaged in a series of deceitful actions, including borrowing money from the victim under pretenses, purportedly for various reasons such as ATM problems, schooling expenses, hotel expenses, and investments in a Bangus fishery venture. Despite multiple promises of repayment, the suspect failed to fulfill his obligations. Meanwhile, in its investigative accomplishments, the group was able to file a two (2) criminal cases in court. CIDG Cordillera under the supervision of its Regional Chief PCol Leon P Talleo will remain bold and uncompromising in its conduct of aggressive and honest law enforcement operations to achieve its goal for a safe,
peaceful and sound community

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