Are you a judge?

Ikit ng Bayan Opinion

Your job requires you to meet and talk with different kinds of people whatever their status in life. Sometimes, some people misunderstand each other because of the way we talk, the way we dress-up, the way we carry ourselves, and the way we even look in the eyes.

Imagine that? That this manner can cause a barrier and clashing between the boss and employees, owner/seller and consumer/costumer, husband and wife, sisters and brothers, boyfriend and girlfriend and vice versa and even friends and family; there will always be a misunderstanding.

There was an old story: a man wearing slippers, tattered shorts and t-shirt with a lot of hole enter a bank. The guard looked at him up and down then asked him, “Ano po ang kailangan nila Sir? And the man answered back to the guard, “Ano po ba ang ginagawa sa bangko? Di ba magde-deposit o maglalabas ng pera?” Then the man just entered without letting the guard answer back at all. When the man’s number was called, he pulled out thousands and thousands of money from his pocket.

In another story, there was an old woman with her granddaughter and grandson wearing rugged and old garments who entered a famous mall. Some of sales ladies did not bother assisting them and their supervisor seemed to notice that even if iKit asked the size and other colors, the sales ladies answer the old lady with irritation and with the eyebrow up. The next thing that happened, all the sales ladies who disrespected the old woman (iKit) was called at the counter to let them witness the thousands and thousands of hard earned money wrapped in plastic under the old lady’s bra.

So you have read, as a Filipino saying goes “Walang perpektong relasyon at walang problemang hindi nasosulosyunan sa masinsinang usapan; magtanong kung kina-kailangan. Sapagkat hindi aasenso ang taong hindi matanong kaya magtanong.” Diba iKit?

So now, what to do to avoid misunderstanding and silent war? One, keep quiet and stay calm as you observe and analyze the situation first before you make a statement. Second, you breathe in and out and let him/her finish talking before you blurt out your opinion. Third, be honest and express what you truly feel for there’s nothing wrong on being honest. Last but the most important, you pray to God to give you wisdom and guidance that he may show you the right things to do and say.

Don’t you know that the most sinful sin is “pride”? It is better to accept your mistake and be corrected than act as if you are the right one and be hated by more people. However, who am I and who are you to judge when we’re not a Judge hehe. In the Bible (KJV) Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” This is yours truly, TitaAra Katter who always reminds you, “Ti panagkaykaysa, mangiwanwan iti naranyag nga pagsayaatan.”