Baguio Film Industry

Given its serene and homey environment, the city is certainly a hub for photographers and videographers all over the country. Baguio is such a great place with amazing people and amazing visual artist. Of course, the creative city wouldn’t be complete without them.
According to Peter Jansen Janda, a local visual artist, film photographer, and also the co-writer for this article; everyone in the Film/Photo community is willing to extend their help regardless if you’re a newbie or a pro. It’s so surreal to be part of the scene.
Since Baguio City is relatively small compared to other cities like Manila, almost everyone in this circle know each other. That makes this group really special. Also, the view. Each part of this city is perfect for that moment;.
But of course, with the situation that the entire world is going through right now, there has been drastic changes as to how the industry operated when the pandemic hit the city.
We, as part of the industry, been having issues coming up with new ideas ever since the lockdown started. As a shutterbug, I used to go out and walk around to get inspiration from the outside world. But now, to get my creative juice running, I usually share thoughts and ideas with my fellow creatives. That really helps me a lot during these trying times. We just need to find our ways to be visionary.
It’s safe to assume that every photographer/videographer out there is waiting for everything to go back to normal. Back when photoshoots in John Hay or Diplomat Hotel was a thing, or back when everyone is looking for a new place for their set. All we can do right now is better our vision so that when that time comes, we will be ready and we will have better ideas for projects that will come.
By: Serine Doi and Peter Nanda

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