Personnel of the Baguio City Police Office is conducting physical conditioning and combat sport
program such as tactical arnis, taekwondo, boxing, karate-do, and kickboxing among personnel which started on October 5. Baguio City Police Office (BCPO)—Human Resource and Doctrine Development, headed by Lt. Rey Ann Tenala, facilitated the implementation of the said program in lieu of PULISTENIKS.

The Combat Sports Program is set to be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday, giving each martial art a monthlong duration. All uniformed and nonuniform personnel of the BCPO will regularly participate in the said event, except for nonuniformed personnel ages 55 and above and those with medical conditions as evaluated by the Health Service (HS).

Meanwhile, BCPO uniformed personnel with medical conditions are required to undergo a physical
conditioning and fitness program and perform distinct exercises determined by the HS. The said program aims to promote the physical and mental health of the PNP personnel, as well as to instill
the knowledge, discipline, and application of self-defense as a non-lethal option and tactical defense.

BCPO-PIO Release.

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