Greyhound Cafe introduces a blend of culinary delights to the City of Pines Greyhound Café, Bangkok’s beloved Thai restaurant, has established its seventh location on Level 2 Sunset Terraces of SM City Baguio, introducing Thai cuisine with a unique twist. Through its delightful dishes and imaginative presentation, Greyhound Café encapsulates the lively spirit of modern Bangkok in every serving. The SM City Baguio branch presents an exclusive menu, showcasing a thoughtfully curated array that skillfully combines artistic flavors. Notable selections feature Nam Prik Ong, which incorporates chili ground pork and tomatoes, creating a well-balanced taste enhanced by pork crackling.

Another appealing choice is the Crispy Three Musketeers, a beloved Thai snack featuring a crispy shrimp fritter infused with pumpkin, ube, and sweet potato. The special menu extends to enticing options such as Spaghetti Nam Prik Ong, offering a flavorful twist on the traditional spaghetti, along with the spicy Yum Spicy Wing Beans and
Pineapple Fried Rice to complement the main dishes. Additionally, the menu boasts delightful desserts, including Strawberry Loy Kae, Strawberry Pana Cotta, and Be Go Moi, a traditional Thai dessert from Southern Thailand made with black glutinous rice and enriched with coconut cream.

Unwind and relax as you savor well-loved cocktails such as White Sangria and JD Sour. Take advantage of their “Buy 1, Get 1” promotion on selected cocktails every day, starting from 4 pm to 8 pm, beginning February 19. Greyhound Café provides a remarkable dining experience that takes customers to the lively streets of Bangkok. For more information and updates, follow SM City Baguio (official) and Greyhound Café Philippines’ Facebook page.

Jimmy Ceralde / ABN

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