Binggrae, Korea’s No.1 ice cream brand, distributed widely by Nextrade Philippines, Inc., makes its debut at the Panagbenga Festival for the first time, featuring a captivating float that celebrates the joy of sweet moments and playful poses.

The campaign, “Practice the Pause. Do the Melona Pose.,” encourages individuals to embrace moments of relaxation and indulgence amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. It encourages taking breaks, or “pauses,” to enjoy the delightful experience of Binggrae’s Melona ice cream.

The float aims to evoke nostalgia and joy—reminiscing the carefree summer days spent savoring Melona ice cream. Through its vibrant design and interactive elements, the float encourages everyone to embrace life’s simple pleasures, pausing to enjoy a Melona treat and capture the sweetness of the moment in their own unique poses.

Binggrae participation marks a significant milestone, bringing the delightful world of the brand to the heart of the Panagbenga Festival, enriching the festivities with its colorful and captivating presence.

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