Nongshim, a well-known South Korean food and beverage company, steps into the spotlight as it joins this year’s Panagbenga Festival with its big float.  In a first-ever appearance at the said festival held in Baguio City, Nongshim, distributed by Nextrade Philippines Inc. unveils a float that embodies the essence of the brand’s innovative culinary vision.

Nongshim’s float takes the center stage as a vibrant celebration of the rich and spicy tapestry of Filipino-Korean snacking. The central theme revolves around the beloved Korean spicy noodles and ramen—featuring large replicas of Nongshim’s iconic spicy ramen. The campaign “When Life is Good. Nongshim.” embodies a message that resonates with the joyous moments of life. It suggests that in times of happiness and contentment, the presence of Nongshim becomes a cherished memory. Nongshim transforms into a symbol associated with flavorful celebrations and the shared experiences of savoring delightful moments.

Nongshim invites everyone to savor the excitement, spice, and joy that come with every noodle. The float, making its debut at Panagbenga Festival, stands as a testament to Nongshim’s commitment to delivering new standards in the noodle-eating experience. It’s an invitation to join in the celebration of flavorful moments and embrace the dynamic fusion of Filipino and Korean culinary traditions.

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