Klondykes Elementary School headed by Erlinda T. Cosil commends and expresses their profound gratitude to PSJLC Class 2023-01 PINAGSANTIKAS Bravo Company for their immeasurable and tireless efforts during their Enhanced Community Immersion Program (ECIP) from April 28 to May 1, 2023, that have greatly contributed to the betterment of the school and the community.
The ECIP is inclined towards developing reciprocal responsibility of the community and the police towards peace and order and nation building, “Bringing the police closer to the community”.

The program activities are school and community beautification, gifts and school supplies giving,
distribution of Information Education Campaign (IEC) materials to the learners and the community, Lectures regarding the Anti-Rape Law, Good and Bad Touches, Anti-Illegal Drugs, Anti-Bullying, and lectures to the community on the salient features of RA 11313 or the Safe Spaces Act, RA 9262, RA 7610, and other related special laws related thereto. The 4-day activity successfully concluded under the excellent supervision of PLTCOL Avelino Garrido Jr., Chief, Cordillera Administrative Region Training Center, PSSg Dilla IP, PINAGSANTIKAS class president, PSMS Tiwaken DT, Battalion Commander, PSMS Gumangol RB, class marcher and PSSg Arsi BB, the class president of Bravo Company.

The school appreciates the selfless dedication of the Bravo Company Roster of Troops for their impressive and quality work. A snappy salute to PMSg Balolang, PMSg Takahashi, PSSG Acdang, PSSG Agatlao, PSSg Andres, PSSg Balajo, PSSg Bandolin, PSSg Barreras, PSSg Batawang, PSSg Beliano, PSSg Bilibili, PSSg Buliyat, PSSg Buyocan, PSSg Catalino, PSSg Cayda, PSSg Chiweran, PSSg Dacumos, PSSg Day-asen, PSSg Diguel, PSSg Doligas, PSSg Ducusin, PSSg Ecao, PSSg Es-esa, PSSg Fias-eo, PSSg Ginalingan, PSSg Guilabo, PSSg Infante, PSSg Kawi, PSSg Kimmayong, PSSg Lammawen, PSSg Locoy, PSSg Mahicon, PSSg Manuel, PSSg Marcelo, PSSg Mendoza, PSSg Nadela, PSSg Oplay, PSSg Pacurza, PSSg Padupad, PSSg Palome, PSSg Paulino, PSSg Sacpa, PSSg Supsupin, PSSg Tamayo, PSSg Tinong, PSSg Urani, and PSSg Vengua.

In response, the learners, teachers, parents, community and other stakeholders will work together to be always BRAVO, Be mindful, Responsible, Appreciative, and Value everything that was
shared and be more inspired and motivated to maintain performing and Outstanding.

Mylene E. Suaking

Amianan Balita Ngayon