CENRO Baguio intensifies information drive, clean up drive in Bued River

In order to protect Bued River, the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Baguio intensified the conduct of information education and communication campaign among schools and the simultaneous clean up drive with residents in different barangays in Tuba, Benguet situated near the river during the month of October this year.
CENRO-Baguio Protected Area Management Biodiversity and Conservation Section (PAMBCS) Chief Glea Lagon said there is a need to protect the river against any activities that can cause pollution considering that there are many residents near the river tributaries.
“It is our obligation to protect the river so that the future generation will be able to see and will benefit from our natural resources. If our river is polluted, river species might die,” Lagon added.
During series of information drive, Lagon and her technical staff conducted lectures on environmental laws including the proper management and segregation of waste to the barangay officials and residents.
About 50 garbage bags composed of different waste mostly non-biodegradable materials thrown by individuals along the river were collected during the simultaneous clean-up drive last October 19 at Barangay Camp 1, Camp 3, Camp 4 and Twin Peaks in Tuba, Benguet.
According to the observations of some residents, there are some undisciplined individuals who are throwing their garbage along the river especially at night. They have observed also the increase of number of residential houses and businesses that contribute pollution to the river.
Meanwhile, new OIC CENR Officer Leandro De Jesus assured the public to continue implementing the environmental programs mandated by law and the DENR.
Residents were advised also to police anyone who may dispose garbage anywhere which is violation of Republic Act No. 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act. They may report such activities to police authorities or with the DENR for proper action.
Barangay officials and residents were told also to utilize their established material recovery facilities. Each house owner is advised to segregate their waste properly as well as to reduce, reuse or recycle their waste. They were advised also to be creative and make money from garbage. IAN JEFREY ADDATU

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