Chef De Jour, a culinary adventure at SM City Baguio

Experience more than shopping is what SM City Baguio wants to offer to its mall goers this season.
As part of this campaign, SM City Baguio conducted Chef De Jour #MoreThan15 Ways to Enjoy Ube and Strawberry last September 16 at the mall atrium.
The event highlighted mouthwatering dishes featuring the North’s all-time favorites – Ube and Strawberry glowed in the spotlight of culinary, as prepared by professional and aspiring chefs around the city.
The event aims to provide excellent customer service and delightful shopping experience to all the mall goers and tourists by showcasing new and fun ways on how to prepare different dishes with the ingredients made out of Ube and Strawberry.
It also aims to promote the mall tenants and re-introduce their product offerings, and excite our mall goers not just for their shopping needs, but also as a venue to celebrate and bond with family and friends.
A total of 50 professional and aspiring young chefs participated on the said event coming from SKD Academy Baguio (culinary school), Saint Louis University, HTM Chef Bryan Gorgonia of Tradisyon Coffee Shop Azalea Residences and Sweetmates.
The participants presented 21 new dishes such as Ube Falafel Sandwich, Strawberry Salad, Ube Dumpling, Ube and Strawberry Cupcakes by Sweetmates, Strawberry milk shake, Tinapa Pockets with Strawberry-Mango Salsa, Ube Gnocchi with Malungay and Cheese sauce, Strawberry-stuffed French toast, Ube Shepherd’s Pie, Ube-Buko Streusel Bars, Ube-Filled Turrones with Butterscotch and Langka Sauce, Purple Yam Pancake with Ube Ganache and Macapuno, Strawberry Panna Cota with Fruits and Strawberry Coulis, Deep Fried Chicken on Strawberry Salsa with Crispy Fries, Tuna and Green Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette, Ube Mochi Balls in Coconut Sago, Purple Yam with Pork and Shrimp, Strawberry Pan Seared Pork, Ube Sinigang by Chef Bryan Gorgonia of Tradisyon Restaurant, Strawberry Tres Leches by Chef Bryan Gorgonia of Tradisyon Restaurant and Beef and Tofu Skewers with Chili-Strawberry Sauce. Meanwhile, those dishes presented were offered to the mall goers for free tasting.
This is the gathering of our local chefs who want to share their expertise and knowledge in cooking and preparing of food using locally produced ingredients for a culinary adventure in the city. PR / ABN

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