Former world chess champion Anatoliy Karpov is coming up to Baguio City on February 1, 2023 for a brief halfday visit that includes a personal appearance at the Baguio Convention Center for a chess engagement with local chess aficionados led by the Baguio Chess Club. Mayor Benjie Magalong welcomed the brief but meaningful visit of the famed ex-world chess titlist, recalling that the Baguio Convention Center was the venue for the historic chess match between him and fellow Russian Viktor Korchnoi in a grueling tournament that put Baguio City in the world map.

“As a chess enthusiast myself, I express the gratitude of our people in spreading the welcome mat for Mr. Karpov in his first-ever visit to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, after winning his chess match with a tough contender,” Magalong said, stating that Baguio’s officialdom is honored to have him back even for a short visit. The mayor also invited the city’s chess players, notably from the Baguio Chess Club, to be part of the audience that will watch a film documentary on the fabled chess match, which the former world chess titleholder will personally annotate.

This will be shown at 2 o’clock at the city’s convention center. A chess exhibition is being arranged for Karpov. The four-hour visit of the famous chess grandmaster will start at 12 noon with a courtesy call and lunch with the city’s chief local executive, to be followed by a visit to the Baguio Convention Center for a tour of the premises, then by a film presentation that is open to the general public. He leaves Baguio City at about 4 o’clock for his return trip to Manila.

Artemio Dumlao/ABN

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