The Baguio City Council has tasked the City Engineering Office to seek the guidance and approval of the Department of Public Work and Highways (DPWH) in identifying roads within the city where shared lanes can be dedicated in order to ensure that all cyclists are safe as they traverse the roads. Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan said this is to ensure that the installation of bicycle facilities to be undertaken by the city government in accordance with the guidelines issued by the DPWH.

Previously, the approval of the proposed bike lane ordinance was put on hold because the CEO declared that the installation of bicycle facilities as prescribed by the ordinance must conform with
the updated DPWH guidelines. According to the DPWH Department Order No. 263, Series of 2022, bicycle facilities are classified as follows: Class I or Shared Bike Path- the path being shared by pedestrians and bikers is separated from the carriageway by erecting a fence or other forms of protection; Class II or Separated Bike Lanethe lane is separated from the carriageway by using pavement markings; and Class III or Shared Roadway- the entire carriageway is shared between
motorists and cyclists.

Traffic and Transportation Management Division (TTMDCEO) Head Januario Borillo said, based on the volume of vehicles and the width of the carriageways, most roads in the city can be utilized as shared roadways (Class III) by motorists and cyclists. He added that only Buhagan (Bokawkan) Road and Magsaysay Road can be installed with separated bike paths (Class I). Borillo recommended that, instead of road markings which will cost around P5 million, the city government will install signs to indicate that the carriageways are shared roadways to be able to spend only about P80,000.00 per kilometer.

He also suggested that from 3.20-3.70 meters, the carriageways’ width will be reduced to 3.05
meters to provide more space for cyclists. Olowan urged Borillo to submit his recommendations to the DPWH for the latter’s approval. Recently, the city council approved on first reading an ordinance seeking to institutionalize “Sang-atan” or the Baguio Bicycle Month Festival. Once institutionalized, the bike festival will be held for the entire month of June of every year.


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